The Gospel

Unconditional love is central to the Christian faith and life in community. God first and continually expresses to us what this love is and means. God, in Trinity, as Father Son and Holy Spirit created the world and everything in it as an act of love; God desires all creation to know him as a loving creator and live in relationship with him. By following the instincts of self [which could be seeking to create and rule ourselves, be our own God, turning after other gods, or choosing to live a life without God], humans have abandoned their relationship with God and failed to worship him. This desire to place ourselves in what is God’s rightful place as King and Creator is rebellion and is sin. This failure to worship God as King and Creator has broken our relationship with him, one another and the earth. Try as we might we can never do enough good to repair this broken relationship on our own. God’s justice demands the brokenness be paid for, reconciled.

But God is Unable to abandon his creation. His Love for us sought to bring about reconciliation with himself by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to enter history, demonstrate God’s love in human form, live a perfect example of obedience to the rightful King, and break the back of humanity’s sin. This is grace Without which we would have no hope to restore our relationship. In love towards humanity and obedience towards God the Father, Jesus bore the sins of humanity in his body and gave his life as a Sacrifice in our place on the cross. His death creates the way towards a restored relationship with God. It is only by God’s grace and this work of restoration that the relationship can be healed.

Jesus was resurrected, demonstrating his authority over life and death. In love, Jesus offers eternal life to those who call on him. Those that allow Jesus to rule and reign in their lives, God once again calls them his children. The right response to the call of faith is a life of love and obedience to God. God gives his Holy Spirit to those who respond in belief and embrace the life that Jesus offers. Whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God in them. Those who do not live a life of love and obedience to God, and who continue reject Jesus, God’s Son, remain under God’s judgement. The church’s purpose is to bring this message of reconciliation to others, in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that they may share in the life God has to offer. This message is conveyed in both word and deed, individually and as a community.